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Why Social Media is Critical to Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice

Social media is a vital component in any business’s marketing campaign. According to Monique Ramsey, founder of Cosmetic Social Media, a boutique social media and marketing firm, video, analytics, and fostering emotional connections with patients are the main ways plastic surgeons and dermatologists can build a successful business.

Video. Ramsey understands the challenges that come with producing engaging videos. “Focus on quick snippets of video,” she explained. “Live video and even video slideshows of still images set to music… anything that will catch the eye of someone scrolling through the news feed and make them stop and focus on you.” She insists that quality content is a major facet in crafting captivating social media. “You need content that breaks through the noise,” she said. “Practices need to look at what works, and then do more of it.”

Analytics. There are finite ways to understand how your marketing tactics are reaching people and which ones are falling short. “There are comprehensive analytics tools built into each social media platform, and countless more paid tools to help make sense of it all,” Ramsey says.

Emotional connections. The ultimate objective of social media is to build relationships, Ramsey says. The challenge in the cosmetic surgery industry is to make those connections emotional ones. “When the patient is in your exam room, there is no better place to make these connections than on social media,” she says.

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