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Social Media is Giving Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons More Business

Social media has drastically changed human behavior. Selfie culture has spawned a movement of perfectionism, and people are going to drastic lengths to alter their appearances so that they’ll look “picture perfect”. According to a recent survey, 40 percent of plastic surgeons and dermatologists said that patients seek out procedures in order to look better for social media.

The Kardashian sisters’ viral photos have provoked many to also alter their appearances. Maylin Perez, a 27-year-old event coordinator told Click2Houston that despite her impressive Instagram following, she still wanted to look better. “I started noticing that my lips were kind of uneven," Perez said. "I wanted a symmetrical look that people like -- like Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians."

Under the spell of Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms many are shelling out for lip fillers and Botox. Others are going under the knife for eye lifts and nose jobs. Maximo Cortese, a 26-year-old, is one social media victim who opted for rhinoplasty. “I was fine with front-on angles, but you get that profile before I did my nose and it was ugh,” Cortese told the news organization. “It's great now. Like, fire away. Little things like wearing a hat backwards is great. I couldn't before because it strengthened my profile. So even being able to do that now is awesome."

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