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Melanoma detecting camera - PCPs will want to do dermatology now

According to MedGadget:

"Yanko, the design blog we highlight occasionally, shows us a device design by Antonia Haaf meant to automatically detect melanoma, called Black Skin Cancer. Details are vague, as they usually are with concept designs, but the device is meant to be placed over a suspected legion and, "[analyze] 2D and 3D characteristics from melanocytic lesions with just one shot. Using a secret algorithm, the device recognizes critical lesions such as the nodular melanome."

While pretty, commenter Widepers on the site points out, "frankly a magnifying glass and the skin-doctor's email might do the trick just as well."


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Comment by Elizabeth Mangieri-Omps on July 29, 2010 at 12:14pm
NYU Dermatology has fabulous website on dermoscopy. ALL medical providers should become adept at mastering this device just as they are with an otoscope and a stethoscope.
Comment by Elizabeth Mangieri-Omps on July 29, 2010 at 12:12pm
A medical provider trained in the proper use of a dermatoscope can usually distinguish melanoma from non melanoma skin cancers. While amelanotic melanoma has faked out even the best of the best (dermatologists), most malignant melanomas and melanomas in situ are fairly dramatic if you know what you're looking for. PS - as to the comment about the PCPs 'doing' dermatology: that's a reality which is a function of OUR OWN bad scheduling: no patient wants to hear that the dermatologist is booked 6 months OUT! Hence, the patient's 'scary lesion' will likely be evaluated and treated at the PCPs office. In this vile economy, many DERMS are less booked up with Juvederm and other up front $$$ appointments so it possible the right buzz words can get you in sooner. You know: sudden onset of bleeding, growing, itching, changing color.............usually means a same day or next day appointment.

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