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MDLIVE is Expanding the Telemedicine Market with Dermatology Services

The average wait time to see a dermatologist is 28 days. In some cities like Boston, the typical wait is 72 days, and in Minneapolis, patients have to wait 256 before they can get an appointment. According to MDLIVE, a Florida-based telemedicine company, with only approximately 13,000 board-certified dermatologists. That means there are less than four dermatologists per 100,000 people. In effort to resolve this massive disproportion, MDLIVE is collaborating with DermatologistOnCall to launch 24/7 virtual dermatology care service.

MDLIVE is a platform with more than 1,800 board-certified physicians and licensed therapists that provide virtual healthcare services for low-level health issues such as allergies, common cold, and psychiatric concerns like depression, stress, and addiction. They’re the first telehealth provider to operate mental health services in all 50 states.

In a press release, David Zynn, president of Lagnosis, DermatologistOnCall’s parent company, said that patients will receive a treatment plan and prescription within 24 hours. Currently, DermatologistOnCall’s provider network features 250 dermatologists that can evaluate 3,000 different skincare issues.

MDLIVE is not directly associated with any insurance provider, and encourages prospective patients to consult their insurance company to find out if they will be covered before they make an appointment. However, their services can be expensed through corporate Flexible Savings Accounts and Health Savings Accounts.

“The partnership with MDLIVE is another important step in closing the gap between today’s lack of access to specialty care and a future of improved access and efficiency that leads to more accurate diagnoses and treatment for patients,” said Zynn.


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