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Leading Hair Transplant Surgeons in India Hosts ISHRS

The international society for hair restoration surgery (ISHRS) is a global non-profit medical association and the leading authority on hair loss treatment and restoration. Most of the reputed hair transplant surgeons have contributed towards the advancement and development of the hair transplant faculty by giving the vital presence to the ISHRS. The hair transplant surgeon who holds the active membership from the ISHRS and their practical works that enriched the restoration faculty always counted as positive feedback and must be considered first while choosing the best hair transplant surgeon.

With more than 1,100 members throughout the world, ISHRS is fully focussed to achieve excellence in a patient’s outcome by promoting the highest standard in the hair transplant surgery. It is the fact that the reputed surgeons must have contributions towards the leading restoration societies in order to satisfy patients by providing a number of lectures, seminars, hands-on practices and live demonstrations.

The active involvement of the best hair transplant surgeons in India has a reputed position in the hair restoration faculty by serving the leading hair restoration societies with a number of positive and successful hair transplant surgeries.

The ISHRS holds a number one position in serving the restoration faculty by popularizing the advanced methods of hair restoration as well as introducing the modern practices of the procedure by introducing modern tools and technology.

Through this write-up we will discuss the significance of being an active Member of the ISHRS as follows:

  1. The Recognition & reputation: The hair transplant surgeon having the ISHRS membership is recognized as a reputed surgeon and earned a global reputation towards meeting the goal of the hair transplant surgeries. The recognition comes through the advanced practices and modern development in the hair transplant fraternity. There are a number of recognized surgeons in India having credit for introducing the modern development and practices for the redefined hair transplant surgeries, included with the bio-effective hair transplants.
  2. The Credit for offering the Successful Outcomes: The ISHRS recognized surgeons are introducing the advanced development and innovation in the hair transplant surgeries and offered a number of successful hair transplant surgery’s results. The pioneer Indian surgeons have a credit of offering thousands and thousands of hair transplant surgeries and satisfied patients across the globe. The credit is mostly rated on the basis of the recognition, reputation as well as the contribution that a hair transplant surgeon dedicated to the development and the advancement of the field.
  3. Helps in Making the Right Decision: It is important to choose the right hair transplant surgeon to perform the hair transplant surgery as it is more than a surgical task and requires an extreme artistic precision. Even a simple surgical procedure, requires expert surgeon or physician to do the practice in order to avoid the chances of side effects or discomfort. The hair transplant surgeons are required to possess the outstanding sense of aesthetic practices as well as the surgical precision to meet the desired cosmetic goal of the procedure. However, the leading hair restoration societies like ISHRS have a great role in searching the best surgeon or doctor to get the surgery done.
  4. One can ensure about the Aesthetic outcomes: The ISHRS continuously helping the prospective hair transplant patients to choose the best hair transplant surgeon and one can sure about the selection as it’s all authentic and genuine to believe on the ISHRS. To get a membership and recognition from the ISHRS is not an easy task as it takes a lot of effort, dedication, contribution as well as the lived practices with the best results. Only an expert surgeon gets the chance for the live demonstration sessions in the ISHRS towards building the innovative development, ideas and advancement of the hair restoration faculty.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant requires the extreme artistic precision as well as the outstanding surgical understanding and to fulfil the desired restoration goal of the surgery, the surgeon must have expertise in the field by providing a number of positive and successful outcomes.

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