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L’Oréal Gets Futuristic at its New Space at 10 Hudson Yards

L’Oréal, one of the largest beauty companies in the world with over 30 brands in its portfolio, has gone high tech with its new 10 Hudson Yards office on the West Side of Manhattan. Their 400,000-square foot headquarters features an impressive series of amenities including an expansive terrace where workers can talk shop or just hang out and enjoy stellar views of the Hudson River and Highline.

“We heard what our employees were looking for, which was a collaborative meeting space,” said Sumita Banjeree, L’Oréal’s vice president of talent acquisition, in an interview with CNBC. Spanning 10 floors, L’Oréal’s 1,400 New York-based workers can use 12,000 square feet of meeting space. There’s also a virtual reality room where they can brainstorm and bring to life retail and product placement ideas. A significant portion of the space is designated to research and development with a technical salon and treatment room for product scientists to evaluate new formulas.

The building also includes a private salon with a nail station for employees, and a consumer beauty center for the public to try products before they’re released in stores. L’Oréal prioritizes employee wellness, and has six rooms dedicated to mindfulness, meditation, and maternal health.

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