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Botox is now considered as rudimentary as a routine massage or manicure. The injectable industry has become so mainstream that medical spa businesses are trying to up their game in the market.

As Botox and other injectables have become more affordable, more and more millennials are shelling out for routine procedures. According to a report from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), non-surgical cosmetic procedures are now far more popular than surgical operations. Just last year, 7 million cosmetic injection procedures took place in the U.S., increasing the rate of these treatments by 10 percent. Although, the main patient demographic is people between 35 and 50 years old, in 2016, use among 19-to-35-year-olds jumped more than 30 percent. For teenagers 18-years and younger, usage has seen an uptick of 66.8 percent. Research and Markets estimates the global facial injectable industry will grow at a rate of 10.4 percent between 2017 and 2023. According to Bloomberg, Allergan, Botox’s manufacturer, is expected to bring in $4.3 billion in revenue come 2022.

As the demand for cosmetic work grows, the injectable market has decided to get its own facelift. The beauty and spa industry is evolving to incorporate cosmetic procedures. For example, SKINxFIVE, a Los Angeles-based spa provides “curated dermatological services” like facials, radio frequency, peels, laser, and injectables. SKINxFIVE is just the beginning this trend towards luxury Botox, and other high-end aesthetic injection boutiques are expected to pop up down the line.

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