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Dermatology Startup Delivers Personalized Retinoid Prescriptions

In an era where drones can deliver groceries and Postmates can drop off virtually any product to our front doors, it only makes sense that the dermatology industry would figure out a way to hop on the trend of automated delivery services. Enter DearBrightly: a Y Combinator-backed company that has recently launched an online retinoid prescription service that doesn’t require a dermatologist appointment.

Retinoids are a collagen-boosting vitamin A-based chemical that also “normalize melanocyte function and regulate skin cell turnover.” Retinoids are used to diminish wrinkles and acne, enhance pigmentation, and even out skin texture and roughness. According to DearBrightly, users can expect to see improvement of rough spots and discoloration between three and four weeks, six to eight weeks for brown spots, and three to six months for fine wrinkles.

DearBrightly has a simple protocol. Users fill out a survey about their skin health and send along a few photos and DearBrightly dermatologists create a retinoid treatment plan based on the data. Customers then receive their specialized retinoid cream in the mail. Prospective shoppers should be aware that DearBrightly currently only works in California due to state regulations.

The process is typically less expensive than making an appointment with a dermatologist. Affiliated dermatologists writing prescriptions pay a fee and customers are charged per order. Although this might change since DearBrightly is still a new venture.

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