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Candidates who have completed the training requirements as outlined are eligible to apply for examination by the Board. Applications are available online. A memorandum will be sent to the program directors to inform residents in their final year of training about the availability of the online application forms. The completed application must be filed online before March 1st of the year in which the candidate plans to take the examination. Physicians who complete their residency training in dermatology by July 1 are eligible to apply to take the examination in August of the same year. Under the special conditions described under Guidelines for Determining Adequacy of Clinical Training, candidates completing additional (make-up) training before September 1 may also be eligible to apply to take the certifying examination. It is emphasized that it is the candidate's responsibility to submit a completed application form online if he or she plans to take the certifying examination of the Board.

A candidate is not considered an "active" candidate until his or her application has been received and approved by the Board. This approval includes a review of the application and annual evaluation reports from the candidate's training director. After the application is approved, the candidate is required to take the examination within two years. Candidates who do not exercise the examination privilege within two years of the date that they are declared eligible will be required to file a new application and have their eligibility for examination reviewed by the Requirements Committee. If the reapplication is approved by the Board, the candidate is again eligible to take the examination for another two-year period. It should be noted that candidates who have had an extended lapse in clinical practice or in other activities related to dermatology may be required to submit evidence of their continued involvement with the specialty of dermatology.

The Board does not use the term "Board-eligible" in any correspondence with organizations or individuals who send inquiries to the Board office. On written request by a candidate and payment of a fee, the Board will send the candidate a letter stating his or her status with the Board at any given time.

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