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The Future of Skin Care Treatment According to Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

According to New York City-based dermatologist and renowned skincare expert Paul Jarrod Frank, MD, the right ingredients are just one part of skin care—what matters most is how you apply them. “The future of cosmetic dermatology, anti-aging, and wellness is about the advances in technology,” explained Dr. Frank. “It’s really about how we’re going to get these ingredients into the skin.”

Patients can choose from the Fraxel laser treatment and the Clear + Brilliant, a procedure that aims to reduce the appearance of pores and make the skin smoother. “The Clear + Brilliant is just a mini Fraxel,” he told Well and Good, “but its target and its strength is much less aggressive. The technology companies are making less invasive devices for consumers with different needs.”

Dr. Frank is also enthusiastic about innovations in at-home skincare—LED lights, lasers, massagers, and other devices. He particularly recommends the MDNA Skin Rejuvenator Set, which comes with a clay mask and a “dual-ended tool.” Other tech-forward at-home skin care gadgets include the HoMedics Duo Climate Hot and Cold Sonic Facial Wand, the Personal Microderm Pro, and the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light, which targets blemishes and dull skin with colored LED Chromotherapy and low-frequency stimulation.

For Dr. Frank, staying ahead of the skin care technology curve is crucial to delivering the best treatment. His practice offers an array of original procedures that treat a wide range of skin issues, from sun damage to skin rejuvenation.

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