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The FDA Reminds Us of the Dangers of Silicone

Celebrities with plastic surgery have drastically changed society beauty standards. Lip fillers, implants, and body contouring have become normalized procedures in Hollywood and for the stars of popular social media accounts. However, injecting silicone into the body in order to make us look a certain way isn’t healthy — a message that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken a strong stance on. As more and more celebrities grace the pages of magazines and social media feeds with their “updated” facial features and body shapes, the FDA is reiterating its warning against injectable silicone.

In a recently released statement, they remind healthcare providers and patients of the negative consequences of silicone oil:

-  Injectable silicone spreads easily throughout the body and can be very difficult or impossible to surgically remove.
-  Silicone that’s injected into blood vessels can cause complications or permanent damage in the lungs, heart, or brain. It can also result in stroke or death.
-  Patients might not be aware of the specific ingredients used in silicone. They should know that the FDA has only approved of certain Derma Fillers, which are most commonly used to smooth out wrinkles.
-  If you experience numbness or weakness in your face, arms, or legs, difficulty walking, face drooping, severe headache, dizziness, or confusion after receiving a silicone injection procedure, you should immediately seek out medical help.

Keep in mind: if you’re considering silicone injections, it’s important to be sure that you’re being treated by a licensed physician, preferably a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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