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Now You Can Pamper with an Electric Sheet Mask

Sheet masks have become a trending movement on Instagram, and celebrities like to entertain their followers with candid photos of their faces covered in the contour-forming white fabric. BioSensor Laboratories, a biotech startup based in Korea, is taking sheet masks to the next level by making them electric.

After six years of research, BioSensor Laboratories is finally debuting the Franz sheet masks, a mask created with a micro-sized battery that emits “green energy” through “Reverse Electrodialysis technology.” The company’s patented Tissue X technology generates micro electricity through the fabric of the masks, which sends vitamins and hyaluronic acid to the skin. 

“Energy occurs when fresh water and salty sea water meet. Using this principle, we put multiple layers on each side of the sheet mask to produce one-time bursts of energy,” BioSensor Laboratories CEO and founder Jang Myoung-hoon told the Korea JoonAng Daily. “It is green and effective.”

The Franz mask is already available in the U.S., Japan, Thailand, Korea, and Singapore. So far, BioSensor Laboratories has received $400,000 in future purchases from Korean dermatology clinics. Earlier in the year, they demonstrated the Tissue X technology to the American Academy of Dermatology. They have also secured $176,000 in future sales from five Tokyo companies. According to the article, New York governor Andrew Cuomo and his family are fans of the mask.

Aside from beauty masks, BioSensor Laboratories is involved in cancer research and developing remedies for toenail fungus. They’re considering opening up shop in the U.S. to develop more connections with the North American medical community.

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