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Medical Spa Nightmare: Laser Hair Removal Version

Nakyea C. Hollins never expected to suffer from second degree burns when she went for a laser hair removal procedure. In a lawsuit filed last week, Hollins claims that an esthetician at New You clinic in Atlanta was negligent and failed to provide the standard of care.

In the claim, Hollins says the esthetician had only received her certification eight months prior, and should have been better supervised. Hollins alleges that the esthetician didn’t test a small patch of skin before performing the laser hair removal procedure, or make sure that the laser was appropriate for her African-American skin. According to the complaint, Hollins told the esthetician that the laser felt like it was burning, but she dismissed her remarks, and said that it was “supposed to feel that way.” As a result, Hollins now suffers from permanent disfigurement on her face and neck.

Hollins was told by Felix Bopp, MD, a Louisiana-based surgeon who specializes in head and neck surgery, that her scarring and hyperpigmentation will only partially decrease. Bopp supports Hollins’ belief that the esthetician violated the standard of care.

“Upon alerting the technician that she was experiencing severe burning, the procedure should have been stopped immediately and re-evaluated,” said Bopp. “It is my medical opinion that a test procedure on a small patch of skin would have prevented her burn injury. That would have been the proper standard of care.”

Hollins is seeking damages for the burns and reimbursement for the medical expenses. The laser treatment reportedly cost $4,000 a session and medications cost $200 per treatment.

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