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How VisualDX is Improving EHR Processes

Electronic health record (EHR) technology is approaching new frontiers, and software developers are finding ways to make the system more versatile and streamlined. VisualDX, a medical software company that creates machine learning-based apps, is now using SMART on Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) to help physicians better access and evaluate patient information.

At Coxhealth, a Springfield, Missouri-based non-profit healthcare system, VisualDX has made diagnosis procedures easier and faster. "I primarily use the app when I'm outside of the office or not with a patient in the room," Louis Krenn, MD, chief medical information officer at CoxHealth, told Healthcare IT News. "I use it to create a differential diagnosis and then narrow the differential down. After that I review the possible conditions and details about those conditions.”

Krenn explained that through using SMART on FHIR, physicians can get a full-spectrum assessment of their patients’ health. “The FHIR app also allows you to click on any medication or problem and immediately start a differential search or obtain information about that medication or problem,” he said.

So far, physicians at Coxhealth are avidly taking advantage of the app’s benefits. “We have seen sustained use over time. I think this validates that these apps are indeed solving a need for our providers that our EHR could not solve alone,” added Krenn. 

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