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For Real? Madonna is Now a Skincare Expert

Not just the Queen of Pop, Madonna is now adding skincare expert to her list of superlatives. Known for her desperate avoidance of the sun and her skin’s ability to defy the effects of time, Madonna has launched MDMA Skin, a product line that includes a face wash, a Chrome Clay Mask, Serum, and Rose Mist.

In collaboration with Paul Jarrod Frank, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist who specializes in anti-aging procedures, and MTG, a Japanese manufacturer, Madonna’s new skincare line professes “high-end formulations” and simplicity. According to a W magazine interview with Frank, MDMA Skin is geared to consumers who practice routine and dedication in their skincare regimen.

Just like Madonna’s musical stylings, MDMA Skin is equal parts innovative and experimental. The Chrome Clay Mask can be magnetically removed with the Skin Rejuvenator appliance, which doesn’t leave any residue other than the active serum. The appliance’s electric vibrations inject minerals from the thermal waters in Tuscany, Italy. MDMA Skin isn’t cheap, the Skin Rejuvenator costs $180, the Chrome Clay Mask goes for $120, and The Serum costs $240. There are plans to launch a more affordable line in the future.

According to Frank, Madonna was “intricately involved,” and “not a single aspect of formulation was without her approval,” he told W. “She experimented on herself tirelessly—sending sample after sample back and forth until she felt it was perfect. Her suggestions and needs dramatically helped shape the line.”

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