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Dermatologist Profile: Melanye Maclin, MD

Growing up, Melanye Maclin, MD’s parents gave her two options: either become a doctor or a dentist. So she became a doctor. Disturbed by the pressures put on black women to conform to Eurocentric beauty standards, Maclin knew even as a teenager that she wanted to develop hair products that would empower black women. After graduating from Howard University College of Medicine, she decided to pursue a dermatology track.

During the last year of her residency, Viviscal, a company that develops hair regrowth products, approached Maclin about helping brand their natural hair supplement to the black community. She analyzed and assessed the supplement carefully before she became Viviscal’s official brand ambassador. This collaboration propelled her reputation as a natural hair care expert. She soon started creating her own hair regrowth and anti-aging products, and in 1999, founded Innovative Hair Technologies. In 2004, she launched BellaNutri, a line of hair and skin health supplements and creams. A few years later, she introduced BeauNutri for men.

Maclin has become a celebrated expert in the field of hair and skin health. She makes regular appearances on the Steve Harvey Show, where she gives out advice on hair loss and skin care. For the last two years, she has been a dermatologic correspondent for Fox News, and is also the Medical Director of Hair and Skin for HYPE Hair magazine. In 2009, she appeared on Chris Rock’s documentary, “Good Hair”, as the hair expert dermatologist.

Check out Maclin’s website at and on Twitter @drmelmac.

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