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Richard B. Odom, MD, FAAD, Receives American Academy of Dermatology’s Gold Medal

NEW ORLEANS (Feb 4, 2011) — The American Academy of Dermatology (Academy) awarded its Gold Medal to Sonoma, Calif.-based dermatologist Richard B. Odom, MD, FAAD, at its 69th Annual Meeting.

The highest award of the Academy, the Gold Medal is presented in recognition of outstanding and exceptional service to the specialty of dermatology and substantial impact on the future of the science, teaching and practice of cutaneous medicine. In addition, the award honors an outstanding and… Continue

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Small Changes in Skin Care Routine Can Significantly Improve Skin Affected by Acne and Rosacea

NEW ORLEANS (Feb 4, 2011) — Patients with acne and rosacea are often confused about selecting appropriate skin care products, cosmeceuticals and cosmetics to add into their daily routine. While they want to continue to see results with the treatment regimen from their dermatologist, they also want to be comfortable using products that address other skin issues, such as wrinkles or that protect their skin, such as sunscreens. They also may want to select skin care products that can help improve… Continue

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Dermatology attracts top medical students

Which specialty do the smartest and brightest medical students go to? No, not neurosurgery. Dermatology is the subspecialty of choice.

Read more at - they published an article entitled "For Top Medical Students, an Attractive Field" -

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Top Dermatology Residency Programs

Based on a recent survey conducted among dermatologists, dermRounds presents to you a ranking of the top dermatology residencies.

Top 5 Dermatology Residency Programs

1. Harvard Combined Program in Dermatology
2. UCSF Dermatology
3. New York University (NYU) Dermatology
4. University of Pennsylvania (Penn) Dermatology
5. Stanford Dermatology

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Ultrasound Hair Removal - Selectif Pro

Introducing a cool new dermatology device, the Selectif Pro, that enables the removal of hair via ultrasound.

As described by the company:

This device is manufactured by Applisonix and is pending FDA approval. The IMPRESA™ technology utilizes the hair and the skin characteristics to make the hair serve as an accurate and efficient ultrasonic waveguide. An ultrasonic head is used to focus the acoustic energy directly… Continue

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Exhibit Opportunities at the Dermatology Nursing Instiitutes Annual Congress

Exhibit Opportunities

Dermatology Nursing Institute's (DNI) Annual Congress

DNI and the Dermatology Nursing Journal will host the 2010 Annual Congress October 6-8, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Your company can plan to set up its exhibit display to reach, first-hand, the

decision-makers in dermatology. Sponsorships and program book

advertising are also available.…


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LeAnn Rimes raises psoriasis awareness (Source: UPI)

From UPI.COM --

Read more here:…


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Melanoma scanner - high resolution infrared imaging

Because cancer cells divide more rapidly than normal cells, they typically generate more metabolic activity and release more energy as heat. To detect this, Herman [Cila Herman, professor of mechanical engineering] uses a highly sensitive infrared camera on loan from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. Normally, the temperature difference between cancerous and healthy skins cells is extremely small, so Herman and Pirtini devised a way to make the difference stand out. First, they cool… Continue

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2010 Dermatology Nursing Institute Congress

2010 Dermatology Nursing Institute Congress

Save the Dates: October 6-8, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Mark your calendar and watch this space for more information about the 2010 Dermatology Nursing Institute Annual Congress at the spectacular

Caesars Palace. Plan now to attend.

> Request a…


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Patient Fallout

We have noticed a sharp decline in new patient referrals over the last year and a half. The reason we are told is that so many people in our community have lost their medical insurance . They don't have insurance, so they skip physicals and wellness checkups from their primary care physicians. They therefore never get checked and referred to us. We are probably going see a sharp rise in late stage skin cancers… Continue

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Dermatologists Can Help Women Win the Fight Against Common Forms of Hair Loss

MIAMI (Mar 4, 2010) — For many women, unexplained hair loss can take a significant psychological toll on their overall quality of life. From altering their hairstyle to hide a thinning part to scaling back their hair care regimen in an effort to halt further hair loss, women try countless ways to cover up this problem – and the results are often lukewarm at best. A better option is to see a dermatologist, a physician trained in the care of skin, hair and nails, who can diagnose and, in many… Continue

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