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Have anyone of you come across this complication of Diode laser hair removal?? how to prevent it?? who are more likely to get this complication?

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i am dr.jyothy here.i have come across this rare complication .its supposed to be due to te stimulation of air growth by suboptimal fluence .so treating patients with optimal parameters will elp to avoid this paradox.moreover ideal patient should be selected for treatmentas this is seen commonly in patients with finer hairs.

I've heard of this happening.  Seems like this has been reported in the literature too as a rare complication.  Bernstein EF. Hair growth induced by diode laser treatment. Derm Surg. 2005 May; 31(5) 584-6.  


yes, i am aware of few such case reports and practically more related with diode laser hair jyothi above has said.. seems to be the mechanism of such hair growth... treating very fine hair or vellus hair with diode will result in such complication


it is important not to use very low fluence initially, other wise u will get synchronization of hair cycles and then u see paradoxical hair growth.


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